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Azaleas in October

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Why Do I Write Poetry?

Like most writers, I have been scribbling off and on since childhood. I find it cathartic, therapeutic, liberating, and fun.

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Soul Cookies

Four Fairy Friends

Four Fairy Friends Celebrate Christmas

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Janice Hoffman is truly a talented author. As you read, you feel will as though you have been transported into her life as your read about her personal journey. This poems are comparable to the likes of Emily Dickson and Robert Frost. Janice Hoffman is one of the most underrated authors of our generation! I highly recommend not only this book but her others as well! Review

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Here is my newest short book for you to enjoy for free!

 "Colors enhance everything, especially since they can evoke feelings and emotions. Check out this little booklet to explore more of what you can do with colors. Colors make everything alive!" 

Click HERE for you free copy of Writing with COLOR!

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